Monday, December 05, 2005

Top 10: Offensive Tackles

2006 is the best OT class in recent memory. There is literally tons of talent from the top five down. Furguson gets all the hype, but there are a couple guys I like even more--mostly due to their superior size and strength. There are some potential 2nd/3rd round steals along with some very solid mid-round luchpail types. If you're looking for an OT--and who isn't--this is your year.

1. Marcus McNeil, Auburn
2. Jonathan Scott, Texas
3. D'brickashaw Furguson, Virginia
4. Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College
5. Eric Winston, Miami
6. Winston Justice*, USC
7. Daryn Colledge, Boise State
8. Andrew Whitworth, LSU
9. Ryan O'Callaghan, California
10. Joe Toledo, Washington

Sleepers: Brad Butler, Virginia


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At 1:06 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Great rankings. So let me ask you. How do you see the top 5 picks working out? Bush seems to be the no-brainer #1. Who's #2? Leinart or DeAngelo Williams? I'm sure it depends on who's drafting, of course. But what's your projection?

Nice site, by the way.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger Birdman said...

Top 5 picks right now?
Matt Leinart
Reggie Bush
Vince Young
Mario Williams
D'Brickashaw Furguson

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