Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top 10: Safeties

Mike Huff and Darnell Bing are the bluechippers of this class. Bing is pretty much a lock to declare. Jason Allen is potentially the #3 prospect after Huff and Bing, but has been out most of the season with a serious hip injury, so there's no telling how his stock will be affected. Dwayne Slay, my sleeper, is a huge hitter, but his speed is questionable. If he runs well, he could skyrocket.

1. Michael Huff (CB), Texas
2. Darnell Bing*, USC
3. Greg Blue, Georgia
4. Bernard Pollard*, Purdue
5. Pat Watkins, Florida State
6. Anthony Smith, Syracuse
7. Roman Harper, Alabama
8. Marcus Hudson, NC State
9. Nate Salley, Ohio State
10. Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska

Sleeper: Dwayne Slay, Texas Tech


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