Friday, December 09, 2005

Top 10: Tight Ends

Tight end is potentially a very deep position in 2006. If Vernon Davis declares, he'll be the first off the board. His athleticism is unrivaled at the position. Leonard Pope is another talented junior, who is neck and neck with Marcedes Lewis for the next spot. All three are first round talents, but one could end up a steal at the top of round 2. Garrett Mills is an interesting prospect who leads all NCAA TEs in catches (by 25), but is built more like a fullback, and will probably play there in the NFL.

1. Vernon Davis*, Maryland
2. Marcedes Lewis, UCLA
3. Leonard Pope*, Georgia
Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado
5. Dominique Byrd, USC
6. Garrett Mills (FB), Tulsa
7. Greg Estandia, UNLV
8. Tim Day, Oregon
9. Jeff King, Virginia Tech
10. David Thomas, Texas


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