Thursday, December 08, 2005

Top 10: Wide Receivers

There are no marquee senior wideouts available in '06. There are some good players, but depending on underclassmen, we might see the fewest go in the first round in years. A couple college quarterbacks (Brad Smith, Reggie Mcneal) could also make an impact at wide receiver in the NFL, helping this class look a little stronger. Teams looking for an impact WR might look to free agency.

1. Santonio Holmes*, Ohio State
2. Derek Hagan, Arizona State
3. Jarrett Hicks*, Texas Tech

4. Greg Lee*, Pittsburgh
5. Steve Smith*, USC
Hank Baskett, New Mexico
7. Brad Smith, Missouri
8. Jonathan Orr, Wisconsin
9. Mike Hass, Oregon State
10. Todd Watkins, BYU

Sleepers: Clinton Soloman, Iowa -- Greg Jennings, Western Michigan


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