Monday, January 02, 2006

End of Season Mock Draft

Okay, the draft order is pretty much set. Oakland won the coin toss today for the 6th pick, so SF will pick 7th. There is still a lot to be determined with underlassmen, but I included everyone who is leaning toward going pro. Remember, this is just a scenario that could play out in April. There are a lot of guys that will rise and fall based on various factors. My prospect lists are how good I think they are. The mock drafts are more of where I think players will go. And since there will be trades, I always include them, if the scenario is right.

I'll post my top 100 list, including underclassmen, after the declaration deadline has passed next week. For now, here's the first round at season's end. Plus a few bonus picks in round two for the sake of fans like me, with bad teams and to show the result from projected first round trades.

1 **RAIDERS** QB Vince Young* Texas
So much for the "Bush Bowl". If Young declares, he could go high...this high. He's oozing with talent, enough to overtake both Bush and Leinart. Houston has too many needs, least of which are RB or QB. Oakland moves up to get Young ahead of New York, Tennessee and New Orleans. Some fans might believe Andrew Walter is QB of the future, but Young is a slam dunk. Al Davis will make this happen if he wants it, and Young fits his pattern of physically dominant players. Oakland gives up their 2nd and 4th in'06 and 1st rounder in '07.

2 SAINTS QB Matt Leinart USC
Leinart isn't the specimen that Vince Young is, but he's a bigtime QB prospect. It could turn out better for him as he'll probably end up back in LA playing for the Saints.

3 **JETS** RB Reggie Bush* USC
Yep, he fell all the way to #3. The Jets don't hesitate to move up a spot to fend off other suitors and land Bush. They give up their 2nd rounder to Tennessee.

4 TITANS (from NYJ) OT D'Brickashaw Furguson Virginia
Same pick as in the November mock. Nothing has changed. I think Furguson is a little overrated, but seem to be alone in that. After a salary cap purge, they basically are starting over.

5 PACKERS DE Mario Williams* NC State
Tough call between DeAngelo and Mario. Mario has the measurables and plays the postion that’s harder to fill, so he gets the nod.

6 TEXANS (from OAK) NT Haloti Ngata* Oregon
Offensive tackle would be a popular pick here, but I think they have bigger issues on defense. Houston moved the ball pretty well and were a clutch kicker away from being a 6 or 7 win team. If the new coaching staff wants to run a 4-3, they will need more talent along the line. If not, Ngata is an upgrade at nose and well worth this slot.

7 49ers LB AJ Hawk Ohio State
SF has three starting free agents at linebacker. Need meets value as Hawk is the top linebacker in the draft.

8 BILLS DE Mathias Kiwanuka Boston College
You can pretty much pick the best player available for the Bills as they are in the middle of a salary cap purge and could use talent pretty much anywhere. Kiwi is the BPA here. CB Jimmy Williams or OT Jonathan Scott might be options as well.

9 **Chargers (from DET) OT Jonathan Scott Texas
QB is the first postion Detroit needs to figure out. They are too far out to trade into the top 3. The only other option is Rivers. San Diego could use another weapon on offense, but the value isn't there at WR. The line is paper thin.

10 CARDINALS FS/CB Jimmy Williams Virginia Tech
Williams would team with Wilson and Rolle to make one of the better young secondaries in the league. Don't be surprised if Denny swings a deal for Cullpepper, either.

11 RAMS CB Tye Hill Clemson
Speedburner. Looks to be the #1 prospect at CB if Jimmy Williams plays safety.

12 BROWNS NT Gabe Watson Michigan
Watson is the plug in the middle that Crennell needs to run his kind of defense.

13 RAVENS RB DeAngelo Williams Memphis
Jamal Lewis is a fee agent. Its rumored that either he or Ed Reed will get a new deal. That’s an easy decision.

14 EAGLES DT Rodrique Wright Texas
Wright may be the force Philly hoped Corey Simon would be for them right now.

15 FALCONS OLB Chad Greenway Iowa
Look for the Jim Mora to make a run at Julian Peterson who he coached in SF. If not Chad Greenway is a perfect fit and has it all at the linebacker position.

16 DOLPHINS CB Demario Minter Georgia
Minter's stock should be rising steadily. He's got size, speed and his play has been great. With Sam Madison on his way out, a CB will be a must for Miami.

17 VIKINGS RB Laurence Maroney* Minnesota
The Vikes could really look to clean some house. As it stands, Minny needs to get an identity. The local boy has already declared and could be a big part in that.

18 COWBOYS FS/CB Michael Huff Texas
As an avid Cowboy hater, it hurts me to give them such a fine prospect to complete Parcells' defense. Huff could be a riser if he shows the ability to play CB at the Senior Bowl.

19 CHARGERS WR Santonio Holmes Ohio State
Brees needs more weapons in the passing game. Holmes runs great routes and can make things happen after the catch. I think they'll be good pals.

20 CHIEFS WR Derek Hagan Arizona State
This pick hasn't changed since the last mock. KC still needs another legit threat in the passing game. Hagan doesn't have many weaknesses, if any.

21 PATRIOTS RB Michael Bush* Louisville
Michael Bush is a beast. He can run with power and moves extrememly well for a 240-pounder. Also a threat in the passing game. Belichick always finds a way to maximize his talent vs. the market. He's probably got quite a stock portfolio too. Thought about Demeco Ryans here, but he doesn't fit the scheme.

22 BRONCOS (via Wash) TE Vernon Davis* Maryland
If Davis declares, and he will, he'll be the first TE taken. Fast and strong, his only knock is height but he isn't short either (6' 3"). Could go much higher.

23 PANTHERS TE Leonard Pope* Georgia
Pope is a beast. Bigger and stronger than Marcedes Lewis, and should go before him if he declares.

24 BUCCANEERS OT Marcus McNeil Auburn
Cadilac is the future in Tampa. McNeil is the perfect component to build on that and a better pass blocker than his size would indicate.

25 BEARS TE Marcedes Lewis UCLA
Bears fans made it clear that TE fits in the spot, and I agree. Lewis should score a lot of touchdowns in Chicago.

26 BENGALS SS Darnell Bing* USC
This pick hasn't changed since November. Value meets neeed here. Bing is a substatial upgrade over Ohalete at SS.

27 STEELERS FS Ko Simpson* South Carolina
Word is Ko will make the jump if he gets a good grade from the draft committee. Chris Hope is a free agent not in Simpson's class. Simpson and Polamalu would make quite a tandem.

28 GIANTS CB Antonio Cromartie* Florida State
You'll probably see underclassmen corners declare due to the lack of seniors at the position. Cromartie is tall and fast, two things you can't teach corners. Will Allen is a free agent.

29 JAGUARS DE Tamba Hali Penn State
Del Rio puts a premium on the defensive line, and that formula has worked so far. He now looks for a stud on the edge.

30 BRONCOS OT Eric Winston Miami
Denver has the ability to go BPA here with two 1st-rounders. A potential franchise LT falls into their lap. If not for injuries, Winston probably goes top 10.

31 SEAHAWKS DT Claude Wroten LSU
One-gap tackle who makes tons of plays behind the line.

32 COLTS LB DeMeco Ryans Alabama
The rich get richer. Ryans should be an absulute stud in Dungy's cover two defense. He falls a little due to depth at linebacker and lack of measurables.

1 TEXANS OLB Elvis Dumervil Louisville
2 SAINTS C Greg Eslinger Minnesota
3 TITANS OLB Bobby Carpenter Ohio State
4 PACKERS RB LenDale White* USC
5 TEXANS (from Oak) OT Jeremy Trueblood Boston College
6 49ers CB/S Alan Zamaitis Penn State
7 TITANS (from NYJ) WR Hank Baskett New Mexico


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Erickson said...

As a Niner fan, I'd love for AJ to fall to 6th or 7th depending on the coin flip. Only team that scares me taking Hawk, is the Packers, or Raiders if Davis throws enough money the officials way for the coin to land on heads.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Greg said...

How about Jay Cutler and Lendale White? You don't see them as 1st rounders?

At 3:09 AM, Blogger Birdman said...

White could easily be a 1st rounder. I just like Michael Bush better if he declares. Almost gave White to Pitt in the 1st. But my opinion on running backs is they are dime-a-dozen, so wait for value. And if you can get a great player at another position wait on RB.

Cutler is tough, because I haven't seen him enough. From what I have seen, his measurables fall short for a first rounder. Not the prospect Smith/Rodgers/Campbell were in '05. We all know only bad things when you are forced to take a QB early just because he's a QB (Boller/Grossman/Losman/Ramsey recently). Senior Bowl will be huge for Cutler.

At 6:50 AM, Blogger Colby is Burning said...

Pretty sure that LenDale White is a first rounder. He has size, speed and has worked under one of the best coach in the nation. His performance in the Rose Bowl will warrant him a mid first round selection.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chargers have said that they are not letting go of Rivers so i think the lions will keep the pick and probably take MArio Williams or Winston Justice

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've watched the Niners all my life, and they need more than just AJ Hawk. The guy is going to be a great player, but they could trade all the way out of the first round and pick five times in the second (if they trade up with their later picks). Just look at the guys who will fall into the second round this year! Tell me someone in a position to make decisions can see this too!

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Broncos will not draft an offensive-linemen. We need a dominate pass rusher, that is why we will tradedown and get Mario Williams.


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