Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Abraham to Falcons in Three Team Deal

The Jets have finally found a taker for John Abraham in a deal that has major draft implications. Abraham is headed to Atlanta while the Denver Broncos send the #29 pick in the first round to New York. The Falcons send Denver pick #15, but also get Denver's 3rd round pick in the draft and a 2007 4th rounder.

Not often do you see an NBA-style trade involving three teams. I'm not sure Denver was looking to move up so much as they just had to jump on this deal as they get great value in moving half way up the first round. It would uusually take at least a 2nd round pick to move up that far in round 1. Mike Shanahan has stated that he'd like totrade one of Denver's 1st round picks for picks next year due to salary cap restraints. So they might not be done dealing.


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