Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quarterbacks Getting Dissed?

It seems as if every team with a chance to take a QB high in the 2006 NFL Draft are doing everything they can to avoid it. Houston picks first and were the first to settle their QB situation in-house, re-stating their alligiance with David Carr. New Orleans would rather shell out big cash to veteran Drew Brees, a player that can't even throw right now due to a bad shoulder, than take their choice of top draft picks. The Jets decided to wait on Pennington, another guy with a bad shoulder, and find veteran competition for him. Miami, a team that was rumored to potentially trade up from the #16 slot to grab a QB, used the 2nd round pick that move would have taken to go get another veteran healing from injury--Daunte Cullpepper.

What does this all mean? Is the draft media over-stating the value Leinart, Young and Cutler represent to teams? As it stand right now, only the Minnesota Vikings, who just dealt Cullpepper, are a lock to take a QB early in the draft, and they aren't picking until #17. Tennessee and Arizona are the best possibilities to look QB in the top 10 come draft day. Will we have a repeat of 2005, when Aaron Rogers' nightmare was played out on national TV, as he fell to pick #24 on draft day? As my magic 8-ball used to say, "signs point to yes."


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